Sun Oct 13 2019

How to install and setup Hyper.js (terminal) in macOS

Hyper.js is a terminal emulator builded with web technologies like HTML, CSS and Javascript

Author: Cesar Gomez



go to the Hyper.js website and download the app


by default Hyper uses bash as a command interpreter, so i will replace bash with zsh, due to that we will be able to use oh-my-zsh which will allow us to pimp our terminal.

install oh-my-zsh

go to the website and follow the instructions or just install via curl with the following command:

  sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

or wget with the following command:

  sh -c "$(wget -O -)"

Now since we are using oh-my-zsh it will allow us to use whatever theme that are available in here and you will be able to see a quick preview for each theme.

setup themes

i like to open Hyper preferences in VSCode, so i will setup this feature first by opening the VScode preferences

  cmd + shift + p

once the command prompt line is open hit

  install code

after that you will be able to open Hyper preferences in your VSCode by typing:

  code ~/.hyper.js

and Zsh preferences in VSCode by typing in your terminal:

  code ~/.zshrc

once you open the ZSH preferences you can add the theme you want by replace: