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Jun 22, 2023

TRN - World


React Native
Apollo GraphQL

TRN World is an online platform launched by The Recruitment Network, designed to be the inclusive space for recruitment professionals to develop and network on a global level.
This project still in progress and its being developed by Neurotic, I worked on this company for a short period I had to leave the project due to the fact that they have to reduce his budget and unfortunately i was affected by that.

website: TRN World
stack: React Native, TypeScript, Node.js, Express, Apollo GraphQL, Firebase

I worked on this project as a full-stack developer rounded by an awesome team, i learn a lot form they trough to the feedback they gave me which i think really help me to improve my skills as a developer.
On the other side i have the opportunity to practice and learn some technologies like GraphQL, Firebase and React Native, which I learned before but i never had the opportunity to use it in a real project.

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